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Hi! I’m Desiree Tytgat, along with being the owner of Reactive Wellness, I am also a dog mom, horse mom, competitive figure skating coach & 5 pin bowling coach. Registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada, I am able to provide receipts recognized by insurance companies.

​As a former professional figure skater turned coach I have an in depth understanding of how the body should move during different activities and how important it is that the body move as one to ensure peak performance and prevent injuries. I love the challenge of helping clients reach their activity goals, helping to decrease healing time while restoring muscle function as soon as possible. My background as a former competitive athlete has given deeper understanding of the challenges patients face with sports-related injuries. 

By integrating my different certifications, I am able to customize and create tailored treatment plans to address each client’s unique needs. My goal is get each patient on a path to recovery and into a maintainable wellness routine that fits your availability and budget.

Outside of the clinic I can be found camping, hiking, or hanging out with my 4 legged kids. Along with outdoor activities, I also volunteer with the Alberta 5 Pin & Canadian 5 pin bowling association coaching both youth and adults.

Specializes in: Therapeutic Massage, Sport Injures & recovery plans, Cupping, K-tape, and cold laser therapy.