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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

Scientific study has now proven many of the healing aspects of massage, a few are listed here: 
*Relieves joint aches & pain 
*Reduction of muscle tension & eases pain
*Helps to break up/loosen subcutaneous scar tissue
*Improved recovery of soft tissue injuries
*Reduced stress, anxiety, and depression
*Increased joint mobility and range of motion 
*Improved circulation 
* Helps rid the body of toxins, assists in lymphatic flow and venous flow 
*Enhance exercise performance

Why do I need to fill out a health history form?

This information helps your therapist determine the safest and most effect treatment options for you. Your health history contains information about any contraindications for your treatment as well as relevant information to customize your appointments.

If anything changes between your regular massages be sure to let your therapist know. (ie. Pregnancy, prescription changes, surgeries, injuries etc.)  

Pressure- you're in control

We use body weight and positioning to increase the pressure we use, as well as different techniques to help you maximize the benefits of each treatment. Your therapist will check in with you to ensure the pressure is sufficient; You can also ask the therapist at any time to increase or decrease the pressure being used. 

Most people confuse "deep tissue" massage with firm and direct pressure during their treatment after receiving a "spa" like massage. Deep tissue massage is often painful and may invoke the body's flight or fight response which actually prevents you from getting the full benefits of your massage.

How often do I need to schedule a massage?

This is our most commonly asked question, and one that changes for each person. 

"Every 2 weeks" is outdate thinking, frequency depends on, many factors like your activity level, your body's ability to recover, and the intricacy of the issues that need to be addressed. At the end of your session, the therapist will suggest a timeframe for your next appointment that is specific to your needs and fits both your budget and lifestyle.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

If you have not filled out your intake and consent forms online, you will need to arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete a paper copy. 
After that your therapist will go over your health history forms, and have you come into the treatment room. You may be asked some more detailed questions, asked to do range of motion testing or other assessment movements. This is also your time to ask the therapist any questions you may have (like an area you don't want included- ex. feet because you are ticklish), you can communicate to your therapist how you are feeling that day, areas you are having pain or discomfort in, and anything else your therapist should be aware of before the appointment begins. 
At this time your therapist will step outside of the room and while they are gone have you undress, get on the table, and then pull the sheets or blankets over top of your body. Your therapist will knock again before entering so if you are not ready, just let them know.

What should I wear? Do I have to be completely undressed?

Wearing comfortable clothing is suggested, but we understand coming from work or having to go some place after. 
Some people prefer to be completely naked on the table, while others will wear gym shorts or bathing suit bottoms- the choice is yours. Your therapist will work with your comfort level. Some techniques will not work over clothing so if that is the case your therapist will communicate this and let you know your options. Sheets will always be required during your session, professional draping is required by our associations.

Can I claim the massage with my insurance company?

Our therapists are all registered massage therapists with associations and have a minimum of 2200 hours training. If your plan includes massage therapy, yes you will be able to submit the receipt we provide.

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